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Why Buy Used?

Why Buy Used Copiers Instead of New?

I completely get it. Why would you buy an old, used copier? The second someone drives a new car off the lot, it's worth less money. We all know that can't possible by true, but that's how the dealer sees it. Copiers are the same way. You can buy a perfectly fine copier or printer at half the price! That is why if you decide to go used, make sure you are getting equipment with low meters and are not in need of major refurbishing. 

Elite Office Solutions has an extensive range of new and nearly new copiers available for immediate delivery throughout Southern California. We are the leading seller of used copiers in the region. We supply a large network of customers with quality used Kyocera copiers. All orders are inspected by our technical staff prior to leaving our warehouse. 

When you purchase from us you can reset assured that you are getitng quality products at an affordable price. 

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